Author: Herman Biles


There are many career options available in the health care industry for those who want career dreams in the medical sciences fields. The job of pharmacists is full of responsibilities to help people with the best health medicine facilities. The pharmacy profession is a preferred choice for most medical aspirants. There are many other para-medical and medical courses for interested students. Pharmacy provides a wide variety of job opportunities in various fields as well.

The pharmacy industry is today experiencing rapid changes as a result of advancement in technology. Hence the changes give more opportunities to this profession, and this program suits the thirst of most nations such as the provision of affordable medicine. Here are some things that you should know about this profession.

Education background

To see yourself in this career that involves dispensing medicines and interacting with people’s health care you have to get good grades in subjects like English, chemistry, physics, and biology so that you can learn from a reputable university or college in the world.background education

Duration of course

The course duration for pharmacist’s course in the form of either master’s or bachelor’s degree lasts for two years and four years respectively. Medical candidates should never underestimate the influence that pharmacy field offers you with. The career will help you with busy life’s schedule and quick delivery of medicines. With this pharmacy career is compelling and provides you with the best options for growing in in the field with participation in various studies and programs.

Work experience

Undertaking placement of gaining the relevant work experience greatly enhances employability. It also shows employers that you are an enthusiast and you will be able to apply the skill you learned in your coursework at the workplace. You can also gain experience in the hospital pharmacy which may be unpaid work and last for between days to a few weeks. Experience in voluntary work or retail environments in health care settings enables you to develop valuable skills like patients and customer care and also increases your knowledge in over-the-counter medications.

Universities and colleges

There are a lot of medical universities all over the world that provide the best health care services, but you should get one through students perspective. Students are always looking for the best college that can offer quality education at affordable accommodation and fee structures.

Further study

further education

Pharmacy graduates with interests in scientific development and research can study Ph.D. in fields like chemical and biomedical sciences. Graduates who choose to pursue careers outside pharmacy can undertake relevant postgraduate courses to broaden their skills as well as increase knowledge in other areas.…


There are some workplace traits which employers need to quantify and make transparent to current as well as prospective job seekers. The companies need to make efforts of listing comparative data dating back to at least three years. Employers and job seekers want to be in a position to measure the progress of the company towards addressing issues which may limit productivity. The following are some of the important workplace traits.

Employee engagement report

Surveys which measure how employees are engaged are referred to as global people surveys oremployee report organizational health surveys. Companies will low overall engagement may not want to publish such information, and this is understandable. Companies with high turnover of productive workers need to work hard in addressing issues in the workplace practices. Most companies do not usually give metrics from the employee engagement reports. It is vital for job seekers to know if they will be working in dysfunctional or functional workplaces. Transparent companies will publish not only one EER metric but the results of questions would mostly affect job seekers’ decisions.

Work-life benefits

These are vital to any employee regardless of age. It involves creating practices which will facilitate flexibility in the working hours and incorporate life changes of employees in ways that will maximize productivity. Most companies usually state that they observe these issues however it seems as though most of them offer work-life benefits only to keep up with the competitors. It becomes clear to new-hires if a company values these issues. You can easily observe workplace cultures and tell if such issues are taken seriously by the company. Companies which invest in these benefits will attract high-performance workers and retain them.

Volunteering and social investments

One thing that has been considered important to stakeholders is corporate social responsibility. Nowadays it is not only for government regulators and investors but employees and job seekers as well. Companies seize this phenomenon to attract as well as retain Gen-Y recruits and build businesses and brands in where they operate. Such companies use the websites and support volunteer activities supported and promoted by the companies. Companies which make such social investments for tax purposes can diminish their authenticity and brand. Transparent companies know the connection between career advancement and company supported volunteer activities and will give the annual volunteer report.

Career mobility and development

career mobilityThese are important factors which most job seekers need to consider when evaluating potential employers. Mobility today has taken a broader definition and includes even geographical mobility. Some companies have programs which allow employees do assignments with chosen service providers. Job seekers who value development and mobility cannot be patient with companies which do not have policies on giving opportunities to high-achieving employees. Transparent companies show a clear link between development, mobility and performance and not just the general number of employees working internationally and training hours.…